Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Weekend is Over!

I've been slack the last couple of days with no posts, but I have been doing a lot of running around in conjunction with family. My stepson is having his gall bladder out tomorrow, so I hope you will all pray for his rapid healing so that he can move on to the next step in his cancer treatment. I never ceased to be amazed how modern technology has revolutionized the medical field, but there is still no single "magic bullet" for cancer yet. Gene therapy and stem cells seem to hold promise, but they are decades away from practical use, so I continue to rely on faith that Jason can hold out until some of these new treatments can come online.
Local news has been pretty quiet, though I see by Joe Albero's blog that something portentious is in the wind for Monday for residents of Salisbury, so look out! My old buddy George Chevallier is posting a regular feature on the blog, so I guess I'll be hooked on that now. George was a key source of pictures for my book on Wicomico County that Arcadia put out that I cowrote with Gianni Hayes.
Not much to talk about right now, but I did get an interesting book from my friend Dale Watson called Giants by Stephen Quayle. It makes a case for the Biblical giants based on some research and has a nifty photo section of real life giants from the last hundred and fifty years or so. I didn't see an photo of Andre the Giant, though, but I saw him in person some twenty years ago at the Civic Center. As always, share your comments with me and be sure to mention Your Humble Scribe to your friends.

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