Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another day on the Shore

I read a comment in the Daily Times about vicious blogs (let's face it, they were mainly talking about a single blog that is the bete noir of certain Salisbury officials). I added a comment inviting folks here, but who knows if they will read it?
Anyway, what went on around here today. The Atlantic Hotel closed. I thought the prices in the restaurant were high the last time I ate there and that was five years ago at least. I usually drop in at Rayne's Reef in Berlin. Kinda reminds me of the old lunch counters I used to eat at down in Princess Anne during my college years. I usually gravitated between Peaky's, until it moved out to Rt. 13, Lawson's, and the Washington Hotel. I went to school with the kids of a couple of folks that worked out at the Washington Hotel, Mrs. Norma Shores and Irving Wallace. He made the best coleslaw in town, far as I was concerned.
The recession is getting a lot of places. I noted that the Chinese place in the Food Lion plaza on Rt. 12 is gone also. I used to get their Crab Won Ton when I was living in town. Up the road a bit from me now is a little country store that still makes subs and sandwiches. I was always a sub nut and still like cold cuts and cheese steaks. I remember first getting a real sub in Salisbury when Red Door was down by the "horse pistol" as RT would call Peninsula Regional when he was an announcer for WJDY 14270 AM radio. I went to school with Dan Campbell's son for a couple of years around 1970. They made great subs then.
More people are getting killed in Gaza. I guess it really will take an act of God for peace to break out there. I see ol' Nicholas Sarkozy flew down there to smooch on Hosni Mubarak. Sarkozy is trying to make France a superpower again. He didn't get much traction with the Russians in Georgia, and I doubt he'll get much in Israel. His wife might get jealous if he smooches on Tzipi Livni. She doesn't appear to be in the smooching mood, though, anyway. OK, enough for one post. Tell your friends to visit the Eastern Shore, or at least visit your humble Scribe.


  1. You had to play the Red door card, didn't you? Where I live they think "subway" is a sub. Pah-leese! My first job when I was in high school was at L&F subs, but I would go to Red Door to eat. LOL. What I wouldn't give for a good old Red Door sub right about now.

    My parents were friends with R.T. To a small child he was pretty scary. (He was loud and very out-going if you recall) I still think of the hospital as the "horse-pistol" though.

  2. Ha! Tell me about it. I still get subs at Red Door on occasion, but if Jack's not on duty, it takes forever for your order to be processed. I worked for a few months down the street from the Priscilla St. location back in '76 at a game store called the Strategy Shop. On Saturdays we'd play board games in the back room and always have subs and big bags of Doritos. Ah, the good old days.
    The last time I saw RT, he was at Trail's End in Fruitland wearing bright orange pants. He was a card. I am sure I had a sub from L and F at some point, but can't remember when. When I was a kid, my mom and I would get pre-made hoagies from Woolworth's to take home for dinner. I guess that hooked me on subs. Thanks for the comments.