Thursday, January 8, 2009

Long day, glad its over.

I drove my stepson around today for a couple of tests and a consult with his surgeon. He is getting his gall bladder out Monday, but they have to be careful because he has non-Hodgkins. He is going back Johns Hopkins after he recovers from the surgery and they are going to try to use some sort of gene therapy on him without resorting to a bone marrow transplant. Please pray this all works.
I read a short sighted Grapevine post in the paper today about State Employees. People think all us State Employees do is sit around and are paid a mint. Most folks I know love their job because they could make more in the private sector. We're there when you need us, policing the state, keeping the roads clear, taking care of severely diabled patients at Deer's Head and trying to ensure that children in the state aren't abused or neglected. Nobody's perfect and no system is perfect, but I am proud of what I am doing, which right now is helping out a lot of folks who wouldn't have food ot put on their table or be able to take their kids to the doctors. Yeah, its a pain I am losing some money, but I am happy to have my job and hopefully things will turn around. I just don't like it when people get angry over State Workers, but then I have learned that all anger is jealousy. I fumbled what I was hoping to be a profound reply to the poster on the Times' website, but I got my State Trooper's mixed up that died in the line of duty to protect complainers like the one who wrote that shortsighted piece.
Anway, on to other news. I got seven pages on my next novel done tonight, Woohoo! I am reading a nifty book right now by Colin Wilson called Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals. It's really mainly a rehash of theories about ancient people and ancient technologies, but I haven't seen these notions put together in one book before. It's fascinating to go back over them and consider them in their totality, things like the Great Pyramid, the age of the Sphinx, Atlantis, what happened to the Neanderthals, stuff like that. After all, Neanderthals were more robust than we were and had bigger brains. Did Homo Sapiens kill them all off? Recent reports show no genetic similarities in us and Neanderthals, so there doesn't seem to have been any interbreeding that affected our gene pool.
Meanwhile, I am doing an interview with PAC-14, the local public access channel tomorrow morning, so I better get some sleep. I am still wondering how many people are really reading this thing. Drop me a comment if you are able! This is your humble Scribe, signing off.

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