Friday, January 23, 2009

Murder and Mayhem on the Eastern Shore

What a way to close out the week! As if things weren't bad enough with layoffs in droves and the partisan sniping coming back out (check out the Daily Times and Joe Albero's blog if you want to see the rottenness on both sides coming out), we have another murder on Maryland's Eastern Shore. A poor, innocent young lady was hijacked, killed, left in a field and her car ends up near my old neighborhood. I am, and always have been, a proponent of the death penalty. Maybe I am bloodthirsty, but life in prison doesn't seem to be a strong enough deterrent. Feel free to disagree with me, your opinions are equally valued.
Meanwhile, not much else going on. I gave blood today. I am part of the Lifeline program over at the Blood Bank. I am way too old to go around Afghanistan hunting for Osama yo Mama, so I figured the best way to help was to donate blood to save the life of somebody who might be shot while getting the Al Qaeda rats that don't deserve a trial.
I also have been catching up on my reading in preparation for some new writing. I have learned that Neanderthal man had a brain larger than a modern humans and was also stronger. Why did us puny Homo Sapiens get rid of him? Were they the original flower children and we wiped them or were they the real kings of Atlantis and went under with the Flood? Stay tuned!

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