Saturday, January 24, 2009

More on Murder and Mayhem

Joe Albero in his blog just updated the murder with some shocking news that the villains were earlier arrested and released. Please check out his blog at:

While Joe and I are not always on the same page politically, I have lately found his local news more detailed and more accurate than the local papers, who in today's lead story, shocked me by revealing that Nissan sold a previously unknown model called the "Ultima". Who proofreads over there anyway?

Bad grammar and proofing seems to be plaguing the Times of late. As an editor, such stuff jangles on me. Anyway, its still a beautiful day on Delmarva. I braved the crowds at Fruitland Walmart (they seemed particuarly busy for a non-Christmas season day) and am back at the keyboard. Gianni Hayes and I submitted a book proposal to History Press this week. Wish us luck and do visit Your Humble Scribe again.

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