Friday, July 3, 2009

First Hunt -- Poplar Hill's haunted halls

OK, again, sorry for the hiatus. A lot happening. I went on my first serious investigation of a haunted house last week. It was the ancient Poplar Hill mansion downtown Salisbury. I followed the Maryland Ghost Hunter Society around as they set up elaborate cameras and other recording equipment, then went from room to room trying to get the spirits to communicate or manifest themselves in some way. Society members scanned the 9000 square foot mansion from basement to attic, getting some interesting items including a large bright orb in the attic, but the motion cameras and electromagnetic meters were silent.

A psychic was brought in to try to communicate with the departed and she had a sudden, violent episode where the spirits of runaway slaves overtook her and wailed through her that they would be found out.

Being a good Christian fellow, I prayed a lot before going in, and felt no fear at all, even in the depths of the dark basement, unlit and close. I am waiting to get the results from the audio recordings and this will make a good chapter in my next book.

On a sour note, some prim lady from the city took umbrage at the fact that a psychic was plying her trade on the property and investigations have been suspended for now, since the property belongs to the city and apparently a secretary can control the workings of the entire city government, so further results may have to wait until the tail stops wagging the dog at the mayor's office.

Meanwhile, next Saturday I'll be off to Furnacetown with another group of investigators and we'll see what turns up then!