Thursday, June 11, 2009

A hunting we will go! (Ghost hunting, that is)

Well, as the summer cranks up, so does my work and I have decided to try to boost my posting on the old blog here. Hang on to your hats!

First, I am doing a new photo book on Salisbury and badly need uncollected pre-1980 photos with Salisbury landmarks or buildings in them. Drop me a line if you have any to share. Don't have to be famous or professional, just readily identifiable. Thanks!

Second, I have encountered two paranormal groups cris-crossing the Shore. First is the Maryland Society of Ghost Hunters, led by Rodney Whittaker. I found out they are doing a hunt at Poplar Hill in Salisbury so I wangled an invite from the curator, bless her heart, and will report what goes on if I survive! That's June 26. The second group was the Salisbury Paranormal group, led by Mike Dean. Mike and his two partners have already done videos of the Pocomoke Forest and are going back there in July. They have asked me to come along. I couldn't resist. So while the economy tanks, the war goes on and gas edges higher, I am going ghost hunting!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Too long ago!

I am sorry its been so long since I wrote up something, but have been caught up in three shows, got a contract for a new book and just life in general. Wish I had something profound to say, but too much bad stuff going down. GM bankrupt, Chrysler bankrupt. Gasoline on the rise. I have one vehicle from each of these two once proud companies so I hope they survive. Meanwhile, its a stormy night on the Shore. Say, if anybody has any photos of Salisbury to share, let me know!