Monday, January 12, 2009

Now I lay me down to sleep

I figure I better write this before I get any punchier. A long day at the office. As the economy continues to go into the toilet, my "business" just keeps picking up. The despair in peoples' voices and the high strung emotions are heartbreaking. People are losing jobs, homes, cars, savings, while we have petty crap going on nationally, like the Republican partisan antics to deliberately lean on targeted cabinet nominees (when 8 years ago, they considered it "treason" for Democrats to do so) -- source NPR to local officials intimidating mild mannered and aged detractors with personal visits (shades of Willy Don "I know where you live!" Scheaffer). It's no wonder this country is in a mess. Partisanship and personal gain have overcome the American spirit of overcoming adversity through community (You know, E Pluribus Unum, and stuff like that).
Memo to all elected officials -- We are in a crisis here. Can't you stop all the silly stuff like who can out-mean the other and derail proposals so you can go back home and brag about it instead of helping hurting Americans? I am not just talking Republicans here. Democrats are just as bad (see Michael "I was against slots before I was for slots" Busch (but only against it when a Republican wanted to take credit for it).
OK, enough political rants. I am not sure what useful purpose they serve, but I feel better for mine. Let's talk about other stuff. My middle stepson successfully had his gall bladder taken out by the excellent Dr. John "hug 'em and call 'em honey" Barkovitch, so next stop Johns Hopkins for some gene therapy that sounds like something out of Michael Crichton's "Next", which, if you have not read it, I highly recommend as being an amazing romp of a novel that helped me understand genetics as they are today and astonished me with every revelation.
Cool website today: Check out the photos of giants on Stephen Quayle's site:

While I don't adhere to some of his stuff , he has a neat collection of photos of giants, male and female. There's one Russian fellow over nine feet tall. Goliath in the Bible was supposed to be ten feet (six cubits and a span. A cubit is an average of 18 inches and a span half that, so you do the math). There are also some links to some odd shaped skulls from South America. If you saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, you'll see where the idea came from when you check out the photos. People theorize that the odd shapes were created by binding infant skulls when they are soft as Orientals did with women's feet to keep them small. OK, enough for tonight. Come back and visit Your Humble Scribe another day, and please pray for our country and for Jason, my stepson.

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