Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Goodbye Snow

OK, it was fun while it lasted. Now just back to cold. A friend of mine and I were reminiscing about the snowstorms we had in the 70's. Somewhere between 77-78 there was a big snow storm. We were in Salisbury playing board games, either Flattop or Panzer of Squad Leader, and the snow was predicted to let up early, but it didn't. Pretty soon it was so deep I was wondering if I could get home, down in Mt. Vernon in those days. Anyway, I decided to bug out before it got dark, so I packed Rich up and I couldn't get up his driveway, so dropped him off and headed for Rt. 13. I took it slow, then down Mt. Vernon Rd. It was starting to get dark and the snow was blowing everywhere. I really must have had a guardian angel that day. When I got to the house, the front yard was drifted up so I accelerated my old Monte Carlo as fast as I could without it spinning and plowed into the yard. I just managed to get off the road before the tires started spinning. There it sat for a few days until things got thawed out.
That was a bad winter. I fractured my right arm slipping on ice in Princess Anne also and lost my job on account of not being able to work with both hands (and had to fight for unemployment because the boss didn't want to pay. Things worked out though and I managed to find some better paying jobs until the economy finally settled down in the 80's. Now things are bad again.
I feel like I have gone back in time nearly 30 years. Even the State of Maryland, a place where you thought employment was secure is thinking about laying off. With the hiring freeze and eliminating positions when people retire, you are left with an aging, less capable workforce dealing with more work and more stress. Things are not good right now and I am praying very very hard that whatever the new Prez does works.
OK, not much going on down on the Shore right now except cold, murder and politics. Come visit your Humble Scribe again.

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