Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stuff going down on the Shore

At least it was above freezing today. Good thing, too. I lost power for about five hours on Saturday and cable for almost 12, which included the Internet, so didn't get much accomplished (but played a lot of Cossacks: Art of War until it crashed. Guess I won. I beat 3 out of four computer opponents on Very Hard and was marching on the fourth. The likely culprit is too many units for the game to handle.). OK, so back to normal here, but not a normal weekend or week, eh? Let's run things down.
Saturday, as if freezing temperatures weren't bad enough some poor schmo gets his home invaded and he mysteriously dies while being duct-taped. I hope they find whoever did that and put them away (can't say I hope they get the chair because we can't execute people around here anymore). The City of Salisbury touts a storm drain diversion system with no filtration. Glad I don't eat fish from the Wicomico. This wouldn't be so bad, but the Daily Times also said sea levels will rise by 3 feet in the next 100 years. The Wicomico could be in my back yard, with all that unfiltered runoff from storms. Maybe I can find some wash out wallets or something.....
What's coming up tomorrow? Martin Luther King Day. Hooray, I am off! I was in the eighth grade when he was assassinated. I still get sad when I hear Abraham, Martin and John on the radio. Some people claim he was a closet Communist, but I see him as an icon of all that needed changing in this country and still needs changing, which brings up the next item this week:
Tuesday is Inauguration Day! It kills me that people are griping about this. Yeah, its overblown, but so what? This is the first time in history that a non-white guy got elected President. If he screws up, it might be the last time, so I say enjoy it! When I was in the eighth grade and MLK was shot, I didn't figured I'd live long enough to see something like this. I figured it would be a white woman first, not a fellow with African descent.
And yes, African descent. People are quick to label him an Arab because most Americans equate Arabs with terrorists (Tim McVeigh, yep, he was a closet rag-head camel jockey. They are keeping it a secret and you know who THEY are...). So, see its OK to be derogatory towards an Arab since its not PC to be derogatory to a black guy, so the racists can dime him out as an Arab. Like most people around Africa, he's probably got a little of a lot in him. Negroid, Semitic, Hamitic, even a bit of Caucasian on his dad's side for all we know. That part of Africa was a British colony. They probably had Indians over there, too. I think Ghandi was in Africa for a while. Maybe Obama is related to him, too. I just read a report of a study saying that there is no indication of any Neanderthal genes in modern humans, so you can't tie him to Neanderthal man, OK? Bottom line, who gives a rat's patootie what the man's pedigree is? He meets the qualifications and was elected fair and square.
Of coure, if he screws up, he can join the ranks of illustrious singeltons like Jimmy Carter and George HW Bush. We can get another "wrinkly old dude" as my daughter described McCain to snooze through 8 years and hope we survive. I prefer to have hope.
You may agree, disagree, as you please. Your Humble Scribe respects you no matter what, because no matter what the facts are, it is still appropriate to have hope, because without hope, it doesn't matter who stands up there on Inauguration Day. I am happy my daughter will get to see something I never believed would happen while I was on this side of the Great Beyond. I remember when I was in elementary school our teachers would make sure we got to see Inaugurations and every rocket launch and Kennedy's funeral. I have hope. You may say, that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one......

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