Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another hiatus

Sorry, guys, been very, very busy. Somebody asked me why I only talk about the weather, but on the internet, when you put stuff out, its public and you are done for. I don't put anything out there that's worth pirating, but hey, who knows? Since last post I put in some time at the Regal money pit. Saw Last House on the Left and Watchmen. Last House was really good, even though it started slow. Now, I make a distinction between bloody and gory. It's a fine line, so here's the deal. Bloody means a lot of people die hard, but to me, gory means that people's innards are spilt all over the place and vital organs float around like Macy's Thanksgiving balloons. I put Last House in the bloody category. The last scene was borderline gory, but your mileage may vary. The rest of the shootings, stabbings, bludgeoning and hand stuck in the garbage disposal (you didn't see anything, just him screaming until his hand came out and it was only gashed). The hardest thing was rape. A young girl gets brutally raped then shot. If rape upsets you, don't go see this movie. While I felt bad for the girl, it was the key to the plot. My wife and I sat through the whole thing and we both enjoyed it as a good thriller with a good ending.

Watchmen was a different story. Ironically, there is a rape scene in it also, but its dealt with less explicitly and again, its central to a plot point. Having said that, the movie is too long and too complex. I read the original story in the 80's and had to really concentrate on all the stuff because the plot explodes in all directions from superhero psyches to alternate history (Nixon elected 5 times????). It does paint a more realistic picture of how the world may have been if there really were super-powered beings, but it is not a black and white story like Batman or Superman where the good guys are good and the bad guys bad. I think it should have been done in two parts, like Lord of the Rings, that's how much story is in it. Having said that, it is a fairly faithful adaptation of the comic series, the effects are cool and it makes you think not only about good and evil, but about the greater good.

On the home front, I am working on a sequel to Ghosts of the Eastern Shore and have been visiting a remote area where the owner is not only haunted, but hexed. That's right. More info coming out of this area as it seems to be a hotbed of activity (which may explain no cell phone service).

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