Saturday, April 11, 2009

You want politics, you gottem!

Trying to have a wonderful Easter weekend, but stupid stuff just keeps coming around. Stupid stuff 1: Maryland House Bill 298, the supposed "Fair Share" act. You see, some years back Governor Parris Glendening, after being influenced by AFSCME, a union that some (but not a majority) of state employees belong to, got legislation to enact collective bargaining. I was on the fence about it. The measure was defeated, but the governor caved in to special interests and signed an executive order calling for an election to see which employee association would speak for all employees. Though a minority percentage of employees, AFSCME won the rights. Now, years later, they want to collect a "service fee" from non-AFSCME members to supposedly fund their efforts. This is a rotten bill with no cap on fees, no oversight, no consideration for employees who belong to another group, nothing. Hundreds of calls flooded in. Norman Conway is the head of the House of Delegates Finance Committee. He has refused to listen to the people that elected him and plans to ram this bill down everybody's throats in order to keep his chairmanship. I think its a shame. I will not forget in November 2010.

OK, then we have pirates. I understand the US Navy is forbidden to attack them if they have hostages under the rules of engagement. I am afraid we will cave in to their demands, and every US ship will be a target. Why can't we have a coalition force to attack the Somali pirate bases and wipe them out? They'll just keep doing it. We stopped the barbary pirates in 1800, let's stop these new thugs, or at least issue letters of marque so that privateers can do it for us.

I hope everybody has a happy Easter. I'll be in the play Who Will Call Him King of Kings at Emmanuel Wesleyan Church on Shamrock DR. Salisbury tonight and tomorrow. We need to do a lot of praying as a nation this Easter weekend.

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