Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Help is on the way?

Is the stimulus package DOA? Did it die of excessive pork or not enough bipartisan beef? With Obama wounded by the excising of Dashcle and that other lady, it looks like the Republicans have recovered from the defeat over two months ago. Obama's perceived mandate for more social spending appears in trouble. One of our allies (Kirgystan) wants to shut our big airbase that supplies our troops in Afghanistan. Can the grim hand of Putin be behind that or aren't we paying enough bribes to keep us there? I have changed my news feed to get international news and added local weather for folks visiting here. I also added the weird news since a UFO or Bigfoot story might surface. Finally, I put an Edgar Rice Burroughs slideshow so I can display one of my favorite author's works. Not sure what to add next, maybe a YouTube search engine. How do you like the blog now? People were saying they had trouble posting, so I loosened up the requirements a bit.

I read with interest today about a local sex abuse scandal. The defense for the teacher involved said nothing about the allegations themselves being false per se but launched into a diatribe about the accuser's misdeeds. So, the defense seems to be to slime the accuser, not prove innocence? I await further news on this. Meanwhile, my next Pac-14 show with co-host Gianni Hayes will tape on the 20th and air shortly thereafter. Look out for it!

Finally, I will be at the Golden Hill wildlife expo on the 27th (that Saturday anyway) with author Ann Foley, so if you feel like watching folks skin muskrats and see the crowning of the new Muskrat Queen, come check it out! Let your Humble Scribe know what you think of the new decorations!

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