Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just came back from being stuffed at JR's in Ocean City! I ate next to nothing all day in anticipation of eating out and was not disappointed. This was my first time eating there and their ribs were fantastic! Their onion loaf is delicious also.
OK, so Happy Valentine's Day to anybody who reads this. Traffic is so slow here that I have pretty much decided to go weekly until the comments pick up. Congress just gave a big heart full of candy to everybody as well, but it came with a high price tag so unless the economy picks up big time, we are in danger of passing along this debt for the next few generations.
Anyway, I'll keep it short tonight and hope everybody is well and that you'll drop some comments every so often.


  1. Nice blog. Nothing like a planned pig-out at a great restaurant. Looking forward to spring on the ES. Dogwood, anyone?

  2. Thanks! More comments will make for more frequent posts. No way am I going to take the violent positions on some other local blogs. There's just not enough hate in me, I guess.